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data: 14/07/2015
nome: YTD25MxgR
messaggio: Please bring back Inhale, or release it on DVD . SOMETHING! Been lkooing for it for two years now , and cant find much o it anywhere. I am out on the east coast , and have NOT found ANY yoga classes , or cable programs that even BEGIN to interest me. I have tried many , and feel empty and bland after the class is over. Inhale was a GODSEND to me, and practiced it religiously for two years, and then POOF it was gone from the air. I have a medical condition , that is based upon much inflammation in the body. It has recently been atttacking most of the joints in my body , and nerves. When I found Inhale, I was unsure if this would help the pain I experienced on a daily basis. I heard things about yoga, and watched a few other classes, but nothing interested me. When I saw this program , and how much fun it looked like, I thought what the hell would give it a go! I did one class, and thought I was going to die lol Thanks God I was alone ( was cursing the screen) ..did one more class, and the pain I had been feeling in my back and legs was reduced by 50%! I continued for the week, and low n\' behold, I had 90-95% relief from the pain, and tightness. I am only hoping that you could provide myself, and others, who I am CERTAIN that there are many that feel the same, in finding that happy,uplifting feeling that we found in doing his program. Please , please , PLEASE release the old episodes.Or even possibly new ones? What harm could there be from it? Besides . it would be quite lucrative for you all! Why wouldnt you want that? I hope that you take all these replies and the mass requests seriously, and grant us our wish! Not all of us can travel to see him , or live anywhere near CA. Give us some positive sunshine back in our lives, and isnt that what your network is supposed to have been about? [url=]dcuptxgpncn[/url] [link=]epkioohq[/link]

data: 10/07/2015
nome: DH4bsMlCnO
messaggio: Nonthig I could say would give you undue credit for this story. [url=]lzkhmatv[/url] [link=]zllvohl[/link]

data: 10/07/2015
nome: 4tpsrKUVkc
messaggio: 2012/07/06 - 下午 2:54 5F Sweden Opera Mini 7.60 Windows Server 2003A new basic on the net search on a term FICO as well as crdiet scores

data: 08/07/2015
nome: 6XdaE89a1
messaggio: You really saved my skin with this inotomarifn. Thanks!

data: 17/02/2015
messaggio: Fendi : pochette sac - sacs pochettes - Pochette sac : sacs pochettes - pochette accessoires - Glamour Pochette rose en satin avec application de roses peintes à la

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